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Department of Energy SEER Ratings

New Department of Energy SEER rating standards from the number one company in air conditioning repair Allen, TX.

Starting in 2015, the Department of Energy has revised their regulations on the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) industries SEER ratings for all regions across the U.S. Find out more from the best HVAC repair in Allen, TX on these new industry standards for SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings.

  • Have you ever heard someone talking about something called a SEER rating when referencing his or her HVAC equipment?
  • Not too sure about what kind of equipment to purchase when looking for a new HVAC system?
  • Is the ad man from that big HVAC Company on television not very informative when mentioning the “best deal for you”?

All of that information can get to be a bit confusing, we understand. So here at Don Trotter Heating and Air Conditioning Inc., we want to make sure everyone has the most recent information so they do not feel left in the dark when it comes to choosing what is best for their family. Starting in January 2015, the Department of Energy (D.o.E) has set new requirements for all regions of the United States for the heating and air conditioning equipments energy efficiency ratings. Here in the south region, and specifically the great state of Texas, we have extremely hot summers. This means our new equipment requirements are among some of the highest rated in that they have to meet a 14-SEER rating.

Don’t know what a SEER rating really is? The SEER rating measures the air conditioning and heat pump appliances cooling efficiency, which is calculated by the cooling output for a typical season which is divided by the total electric energy input during the same time frame. Sound confusing? That’s what we are here for. Basically, the higher your equipment’s SEER rating, means the greater energy efficiency your equipment has which translates into SAVING YOU MORE MONEY.

Now you might be asking yourself, what does all of that mean? This does not mean your system HAS to be changed to meet these new standards. What it means is any new equipment you will be purchasing from the trusted experts at Don Trotter Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. will meet these new standards and you will be given whatever tools or information necessary to feel 100% knowledgeable and satisfied with your new purchase. Here at the best air-conditioning service and repair company in Allen, TX we have everything from the new 14 SEER systems and equipment all the way up to 21 SEER systems and equipment. However, the only way to meet these standards is when the equipment is matched correctly. Matched correctly?

Yes, even though someone might try to sell you a system or individual piece of equipment and tell you it is a 16 SEER condenser coil, the total system has to be matched correctly or you will not truly be achieving that 16 SEER rate. Don’t worry, here at the Don Trotter Heating and Air Conditioning Inc., we provide every customer with all the best SEER rated equipment suited for their system(s) and/or their needs and make sure that equipment is matched correctly so your system actually achieves the true SEER rating.

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(Source: ACCA-DoE-New Standards)