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Planned Service Agreement procedures and benefits

The highest rated air conditioning repair company in Allen, Don Trotter Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc., review their Planned Service Agreement.


The service experts from the best air conditioning repair company in Allen, Don Trotter Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. walk through their Planned Service Agreement and what you can expect to receive during their award-winning service visits.


The service experts here at Don Trotter Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. have many different services available to not only our  growing family of customers, but anyone who may be in need of great heating and air conditioning service. Those different services range from such things as our award-winning service to our installations to our annual service agreements and more. What is an annual service agreement or what our company refers to as a Planned Service Agreement? Simply put, think of a Planned Service Agreement as a precautionary maintenance program to help you ensure your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system is receiving the proper care it needs to achieve its full efficiency and comfort levels throughout the year. A basic overview of the agreement consists of two visits a year to your home to check all of the equipment inside and out but also many other different benefits such as filter changing and the cleaning of parts that often go overlooked. Our experts from the highest rated air conditioning repair company in Allen, TX are going to walk you through what you can expect, in greater detail, when joining our Planned Service Agreement community.

Starting at the time you sign up, our experts at Don Trotter Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. begin with a visit to your home to evaluate the performance and status of your heating and air conditioning system as soon as the weather allows for the most optimal servicing conditions for the season. There are two visits we set up with you; one visit during the beginning of the spring or summer season and also again in the beginning of the fall season before winter. The visit in the spring is to ensure to the best of our expert abilities your system is going to run throughout the spring and summer seasons at the full capacity it is designed to run under with the maximum level of comfort designed for your home, while during the fall visit we do everything the same as the first visit with more focus on the heating components of your heating and air conditionin system. There is always a chance with any system, the parts and components within the system, may exhibit problems or malfunctions based on the age of the equipment and usage during that season after a service check has been performed.

During the visit from one of our NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certified experts, we will begin with an in-depth analysis of your heating and air conditioning system from top to bottom. Our technicians will run comprehensive diagnostic checks to ensure your entire system is operating the way it was designed to. These checks not only include a visual inspection of all parts of the system for physical damage or obscurities but also diagnostics of the more mechanical workings within the system such as thermostat diagnostics, motor maintenance checks inspecting things such as the motor windings within the furnace and outdoor fan motors, pressure checks (before, during and after your system is running under its full load capacity), inspection of the duct work within your home, inspection of the drain lines, clearing and repairing any drain lines if necessary and filter inspection/changing if required or needed, plus more. Any parts or equipment our experts may find or diagnose as faulty or potentially damaged, will be explained and/or replaced for you in a full, easily detailed manner so no questions or concerns are left unanswered. The final step of the visit involves our expert from the best air conditioning repair company in Allen, TX cleaning any mess, clutter, or trash we might have accumulated during our time in your home, the disposing of any parts from the system that may need to be repaired or replaced and the cleaning of equipment such as a complete wash down of the condenser coil outside, or outdoor part of your air conditioner. Once the full service has been completed, our technician will again help walk you through and answer any questions or concerns you may have or thought of during our visit.

To complete the final stage of the Planned Service Agreement, our experts from the number one air conditioning repair company in Allen, will set up a good time with you to schedule our next visit which will be after the summer season has seen its final days for the year or after the last of the cold weather of the new year before spring arrives. This second visit, which is included when signing up for the agreement, is to ensure your system is now ready for the heating operation instead of cooling operation, or vice-versa, with the same award-winning service and procedures as the first visit. Not only will you be receiving great maintenance service twice a year from the experts at Don Trotter Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. but you will also be joining an extensive family of customers who benefit from other perks from being part of the Planned Service Agreements such as discounts on parts where applicable, free 24 hour emergency service, free weekend service calls and much more.

All of the services offered here at Don Trotter Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. are not limited to those who enroll in our Planned Service Agreements. We believe in exceeding your expectations on any call whether you’re a first time customer or have been a part of our family of customers since 1970. Again, our company has many services to offer from award-winning installations on new or replacement parts and equipment, regular service check outs, the Planned Service Agreements, insulation replacement, and many more. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time to discuss any questions or concerns you may have, even those that don’t pertain to joining our maintenance program. Also, make sure you join our next discussion as we explore many frequently asked questions about furnaces such as the differences between single-stage and two-stage furnaces.


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